Knowing Better about the Intestinal Candida that can be Happened

Knowing Better about the Intestinal Candida

Intestinal candida has become one of the most common diseases suffered by people today. Have you known what the intestinal candida problem is? Candida is the fungus. It lives in our mouth and intestines in very small amount of it. Candida has the function to make our digestion works well and make sure that our body gets enough nutrients from anything we take as our food. However, in some conditions the candida can be overproduced. This problem can be said as the intestinal candida because it leads to some health problems, such as depression to the digestive.

Intestinal candida can be happened for everyone. It is caused by the fungus called the candida which is over growth and causing the infection among the intestinal. Actually there are some factors that affect the over growth of the candida in our body. Consuming a lot of alcohol can be one of the most common factors faced by people. Oral contraceptives also happened sometimes. People who have the high stress lifestyle are easy to be attacked by the intestinal candida. Taking lots of foods that contain more carbohydrates and sugar can also make the candida over growths. People who are consuming antibiotics can also suffer intestinal candida because antibiotics sometimes kill friendly bacteria in our body.

Knowing the Symptoms when you Got the Intestinal Candida

It is important for you to know the symptoms of every diseases that we are easily attacked by. As it is said before that intestinal candida leads to the digestive problems, however not all the symptoms are related to the stomach. Some of the symptoms might be appeared are:

  1. Easy to feel tired and suffer the chronic fatigue.

  2. Digestive issues which are commonly happened, such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.

  3. Even intestinal candida can shows the symptoms of the autoimmune diseases.

  4. Poor memory, lack of focus, and many things dealing with the concentration.

  5. Some people also suffer the skin problems, such as hives, rashes skin, psoriasis, and also eczema.

  6. The intestinal candoda also cause some vaginal infections and also urinary tract infections.

  7. Some people also feel that they are craving for the sugar more and more.

How Do We Know about the Over Growth Candida

After knowing the symptoms, we cannot guarantee that we can always determine whether it is candida or just digestive problem caused by others. Many people who have been knowing about the symptoms are sometimes do not aware that it is candida. It is believed that there are something needs to be done to know for sure whether the candida in our body is overgrowth or not. There are some ways need to be done if you want to test your candida, such as:

  • Doing the Blood test. It is trustable thing you can do to know the levels of the candida in our body. it is known as the IgG, IgA, and also IgM. The medical lab can be the best way to do for knowing the level of growing the candida in our body

  • Stool testing is the second option. However, it can be said as the most accurate test.

  • The urine test for the candida which is called as the D-arabinitol. It can be used to test whether there is small intestinal candida in your urine.

Those treatments above can be used for making sure whether the level of the candida in our body is normal or not. You can do those tests when you feel your symptoms related to intestinal candida or doing the test first for preventing any intestinal candida happened to you.

How the Intestinal Candida Treated

The big question for every disease is about how to treat and heal that disease properly. To heal the intestinal candida, there are three main steps we need to do. Those are stopping the fungus to grow, building the good bacteria more and more, and healing the gut of your body. Those steps are suggested to make the candida out of your bloodstream.

Switching to low carbohydrate diet is important when you are going to do the first step. It is important for you to know that sugar is the main thing that would keep the intestinal candida getting worst because sugar would help the fungus stay alive and grow over and over. So, it is important for you to stop the sugar intake in your body so that you would be able to stop the growing of the fungus, so that the medication would go well. Getting the proper diet for the best medication for the intestinal candida is the low sugar and carbohydrate diet. All fermented foods also need to be avoided if you want to get rid of the fungus properly.

Building the good and friendly bacteria would help you to solve any digestive problems you have so that you would be easily healed from the intestinal candida symptoms which are related to digestive problems. Building up the friendly bacteria can also be done by eating the healthy food, so the above suggestion; diet, is the best solution for you. The final step is to heal your gut. To do this you would need the medication from the doctor.

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When we have to go to the doctor to heal the intestinal candida

Many people are not easily decided to go to the doctor whenever they have problem. Some of them tend to fix the problem traditionally first. When you are suffering the intestinal candida, you should be aware if the symptoms are getting worst. If you have done diet and eat some over the store medicine to heal and reduce the symptoms but the condition of your body is getting worst, you need to consider yourself seeing the doctor. The worst symptoms are you cannot eat anything and you are feeling so tired and do not able to do your daily activity. the intestinal candida can lead you to various disease if you do not heal them quick. So, be aware of your symptoms whenever you have the intestinal candida.

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Knowing Better about the Intestinal Candida that can be Happened

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